Almost three months have passed since the beginning of the current administration and although it could seem as a short period of time, a substantial progress has been achieved. From day one, we set out to tackle various specific goals according to the demands of the population of our municipality, working side by side with the municipal administration, led by our Mayor Oscar Almaraz Smer, whose dynamism, leadership and team work, have been the cause of great accomplishments. From boosting cultural programs pertaining water issues, comprehensive public policies as well as a continuous personal visitation public agenda, (as displayed in the picture above) things are off to a fast and very promising start.

From the dissolvent of 29 kilometers of the water drain system that runs through the city, the zero holes and ditches program that has already covered 100% of the existing pending cases, to the “get up to date” program that invites those users that have certain kind of debt within our system, to liquidate them with several service discounts; with this said, the Commission for Potable Water and Sewerage of Victoria, fulfills and exceeds the current popular expectation and at the same time prints its own personal working philosophy.

And to top it off, we are beginning a new national and international relations program that will come to strengthen our interinstitutional binds and help flourish a greater competitive spirit and working agenda.